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#16: Choosing to Forgive

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Hi Folks,

How will you be remembered?

Today I was thinking about forgiveness and love. Will I be remembered as someone who learned to practice letting go? Or will I be remembered as someone who became embittered by the twists and fortunes of fate?

The question here for me is to ask myself whether hate is a choice or not? It seems natural to hate those who hurt us, but is it true that we have no choice? Philosophy is a consolation because it makes us think deeply about these kinds of things. When I do so, I come to see that hate is a choice.

Hating is also a toxic idea, because it makes us victims of what other people do and say. An awakening idea is that I can choose forgiveness, I can choose to let go. I can do this even when that means ending a toxic relationship.

What is our character? Character traits are not personality traits. Rather they are aspects of are being that can be learned and practiced so that they grow strong in us. Character traits include being responsible, being honest, being fair.

Philosophy teaches us to look within, to come to know our true selves and to then be empowered to change our own lives for the better while also working toward the evolution of our country and the world.

What do you need to face? What will it do for you and those you love to face it and work with it, whatever that might be?

We can lift people up by how we speak to them and about them. Are our words toxic or empowering? Thoughts lead to words and then to actions. During this difficult time in the world we need to learn to work with our thoughts — to change our thinking — so that we can change our words and our actions. The good news is that we have the power to look within, think critically, and decide to change where we need to do so.

How will you be remembered?

To Forgiveness!


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