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#34: Can You Hear the Music?

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Hi Folks,

Can you hear the music? Recently scientists have discovered that our galaxy is making a sound of some sort.

Mystics have known of this for thousands of years and refer to it as “The music of the spheres.” Perhaps if string theory is proved in physics we will understand that everything is vibrating with everyone.

But we don’t have to prove this in a scientific sense to benefit from the practice of listening deeply.

Nietzsche wrote: “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” How often do we dance our own dance rather than worrying about if others think we are crazy or not?

This question is important because it has a lot to do with embracing our individuality and our creative possibilities. We can be a cog in the machine or we can dance our own dance.

Kids are not afraid to dance. But somewhere along the road of life we learn to conform and dance to the music of other people rather than our own.

One key to a happy and fulfilling life is to listen deeply and regularly until we hear the music of the spheres and then we will be honoring our uniqueness rather than hiding it out of fear of ridicule.

Many (most?) adults never dance their own dance. But we don’t have to be like them. Instead, we can choose. A key is to recognize that choosing is not a one-time thing, but a daily choice we need to continually make over and over,

It takes a choice to forgive. It takes a choice to let go of the past. It takes a choice to stop worrying about the future. It will take time and practice, but we can learn to dance to the music of the spheres.

That is my wish for you as it is for myself.


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James Marshall
James Marshall
06 de set. de 2021

Great post.

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